About the Training


LOCI is a comprehensive organizational strategy and leadership support program for implementing change

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The program is comprised of four elements:


Initial and Follow-Up LOCI Trainings

Our trainings will foster a deep understanding of the leadership model and implementation through an interactive and personalized training. Each of these trainings will be led by our expert trainers, Dr. Gregory Aarons and Dr. Mark Ehrhart.


Team Surveys

Surveys will be administered by the LOCI team to obtain 360-degree assessment for each LOCI participant regarding leadership and climate. Following each survey period, participants will receive detailed, personalized feedback during follow-up trainings. This feedback is a fundamental part of creating the personal development plans that guide the participant's journey through the LOCI training.

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Individual Coaching Calls

Coaching begins immediately following the initial LOCI training, and will occur weekly throughout the course of the LOCI training. In these calls, each participant will work individually with his or her LOCI coach on achieving short- and long-term development goals, and effectively resolve organizational complications as they occur.


Organizational Strategy Meetings

These meetings reinforce the importance of agency alignment when developing a positive environment for implementation. The LOCI trainers will meet with multiple levels of leadership within each agency to bolster support for each participant's development goals.


Sample Timeline

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