Developed by Experts

The LOCI team is comprised of experts in the fields of leadership and implementation, with years of experience working with behavioral health professionals. For more information on our background you can meet the team.


Measurable Results

Measurable Outcomes

An integral part of the LOCI training is repeated 360-degree assessment and feedback on leadership and team or organizational climate for evidence-based practice.


Meaningful Outcomes

Meaningful outcomes

Upon successful completion of the LOCI training, managers will be better prepared as leaders and each will have the knowledge and skills to improve the climate for evidence-based practice implementation within his or her team, program, and organization.


Evidence-Based Training

Evidence-based training

Every component of the LOCI training is informed by the latest research on leadership, implementation and training effectiveness.

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Supportive Peer Network:

The LOCI training was designed to foster relationships among participants that enable peer support throughout the training and beyond.