What do past participants say about their LOCI experience?

The full range leadership model and that transformational leadership model really helped me to conceptualize the kind of leader I am, the kind of leader that I want to be. And then the relevant feedback related to that helped me really set the goals in a way that I hadn’t experienced before.

I enjoyed the weekly contact with my leadership coach, as well as Dr. Aarons. The conversations were rich, informative, validating, and motivating. It is nice when you receive it once in a while, especially when you are in an environment that is not always supportive.
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The LOCI training opened my eyes to really, truly supporting evidence-based practices, and with that enthusiasm I was able to really help support my staff and their feelings.
I enjoyed being able to learn from others who are within the same field of work. I enjoyed the group learning processes. Safety and trust within group.
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I really enjoyed meeting all of the wonderful participants, and developing friendships and relationships. I watched all of grow, as well as myself. I believe that we benefited so much from being participants in this study. How fortunate for us to have been chosen for something so wonderful.
You go to so many trainings and in-services and you walk out of there so motivated but then you hit the office and it’s like, okay, I have these files I need to do so forget about what I just learned. And in the LOCI training, not only did you walk out of the initial training with a lot of tools and with set goals, it is also useful to have that baseline feedback from your staff and supervisors.